Historical charm abound

The known history of the area reaches back over 2000 years to medieval times with amazing artefacts and the remains of settlements dating back as far as 10BC. The architecture of the city is varied with beautiful landmarks to see from throughout time, right up to modern day. Notable signs include the fascinating Crypt of Saint Martial, a hidden tomb from the 10th century only recently excavated in the 1960s.

These points of interest are not only visually stunning but a fantastic introduction to history for your family, certain to ignite your children's inquisitive and creative nature.

It's off the beaten track

Looking to experience the real atmosphere of France away from crowded cities and loud tourists? Limoges is much more peaceful and safe for your family, as well as offering an authentic look into French culture, cuisine and lives. This is the place to carve out your own corner of France.

A wealth of activities

Although this is an intimate city, there is plenty to keep your family entertained, including a zoo, an aquarium and plenty of museums. Looking for something a little more low key? Drive into the nearby countryside and villages to explore local delicacies and breathtaking landscapes and natural scenery.

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