We realise that when you're thinking about purchasing a holiday home for sale with us there may be many questions you may have.

If you've got a specific question you would like to ask us about, be it something about our luxury resorts through to a question about purchasing property, please contact us.




What is fractional ownership?

We have recently created a video which explains all about fractional ownership - see the helpful video guide now.

There is a legal framework that allows fractional, unconnected buyers to, together, share the ownership of a chosen property. This system allows the owners of the property, who typically own a thirteenth share each, to enjoy up to 4 weeks a year exclusive occupancy. This is growing in popularity across the world as it offers great benefits to buyers and property developers alike. Fractional ownership cannot officially be regarded as a property investment.

  • Live the dream lifestyle for less
  • You own a fraction of the physical property
  • Lower financial risk – less initial outlay
  • Allows you to spread your property portfolio
  • You have deeded ownership, therefore the price you pay is a true reflection of the value of the property

Looking to find out more? Contact us to be sent our free guide to fractional ownership.

Why should I buy through Halcyon Developments Group?

The Directors and the majority of staff have been in business for over a decade and we have handed across around 3,000 worldwide properties, changing the face of holiday home ownership along the way.

Customer’s peace of mind is crucial for us and we’ve strived to offer the best customer service in the overseas property market. As a result we offer a free lifetime aftercare service to all our customers, so our relationship with you lasts from the first enquiry right through to if and when you decide to sell your holiday home overseas.

Our advisors are there to make sure your purchase is hassle-free, secure, enjoyable and profitable.

What additional advice do you have for someone purchasing their first overseas property?

Purchasing your first property overseas can seem to be a daunting experience but by implementing a few simple tips, you can really make sure that your purchase goes smoothly. There are many factors which can determine whether you made the right choice in your new purchase, but above all, you need to make sure you are buying for the right reasons. We always advise customers do their own research beyond the information we can provide to limit any risk and we would always recommend that you seek independent legal and tax advice prior to purchasing.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialist property advisors who can talk you through anything you may not fully understand.

What is an exit strategy?

In simple terms this means “how do I sell my property in the future”?

This is a very important factor when buying a property, as you need to know you can release the equity you have hopefully built up. We believe it is imperative to think of the “end user” of your purchase and whether someone else will want to own your property later on. This is very much the beauty of holiday resorts as there is always a customer at the end of the line, which just wants to own a hassle free holiday home which has total piece of mind when they are not there and not to mention all the facilities on their doorstep!

What are projected returns?

A projected return reflects the expected projected rental income that your property is predicted to generate each year. The rate of return depends on occupancy rates (other factors can impact on this such as room rate etc.) and in many cases this has been forecast independently to give you the best peace of mind that your returns are realistic.

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